F1/F2 Mercury

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3D printed stainless steel (grade 17-4PH) custom propeller. Center hub fits F1/F2 Mercury racing gearbox. Spline has 15 teeth.

Basic introduction to options:

CURVE: propeller blade has a curveature. The more deviation there is from straight line the more grip it will make. Too much will limit top rpm and top speed.

PITCH: is the angle measured between trailing edge and leading edge. This value represents theoretical distance that propeller should move forward during one full revolution. From engine rpm and gearbox gear ratio, its possible to calculate maximum achievable top speed with propeller. Note that different radiuses can have different Pitch/Curve values.

Order process:

1. Choose your parameters.

2. A 3d drawing will be custom made with provided parameters. (1-2 days)

3. Propeller is printed with SLM Solutions 280 2.0 laser printer using stainless steel grade 17-4PH (1-2 weeks)

4. Printed propeller is heat treated. (1 day)

5. Propeller is sharpened/thinned and polished. (1day)

Lead time total: approximately 2 weeks

Calculator for estimated top speed:

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